What is Operation Summer Body?

What is Operation Summer Body?

Operation Summer Body is a motivational online community that keeps you focused on your health and weight loss goals.

We aim to support the mental challenges of weight loss journeys, such as motivation and discipline. This is an aspect of dieting that is hard to do alone, so as a community we are much stronger together. We also support any type health and fitness goals you are wanting to achieve.

Our goals

  • To create an online community worldwide
  • Provide a place where you can come for information, daily motivation and advice
  • Receive encouragement and support from the Summer Body Community
  • Set health goals and be accountable

Over to you

Are you looking for a change? Do you want to become healthier, lose weight or are working towards a fitness goal? Then this place has been designed for especially for you. 

Often the first step in a weight loss journey or fitness challenge is letting the world know you mean business and you are committed to the goal you have set yourself.

Our family and friends are usually who you announce to first, but how many times have they heard you say you’re starting a diet? How often do you tell yourself you are starting your diet on Monday only to sabotage it by the weekend? There is a lot of us out there who are guilty of both these, we are the ones who need the extra support and accountability. 

How it works

The concept is extremely simple! Why overcomplicate things!

Sign up to the Summer Body Challenge 

Join our community on Facebook 

Once you have signed up, you will be able to fill out your profile, set a goal for yourself and a time frame you will complete your goal.

Let your family, friends, co-workers or even the world (if you want to) know that you are participating in Operation Summer Body.

Operation Summer Body is all about having goals, whether that is a weight loss goal, a get fit goal, run a marathon goal or even a give up chocolate goal. It’s simply about being accountable for your goal.

The best part is that Operation Summer Body is completely free.  

Ready to join us?

Sign up here today

Operation Summer Body

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